Marketing real estate online is the #1 way to expose and showcase a listing. 98% of all Buyers search via the internet so it’s imperative to have a strong virtual presence. And by using the internet, we can disseminate your listing across the broadest possible global spectrum. Whether it be via search engines, real estate portals, mainstream media, social networks, or blogs, a potential buyer can see your property from anywhere in the country….anywhere in the world. Some examples of such sites are:,,,, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo

All of this said, the way a property is presented online is what is crucial. It must be done in a new, innovative way. You need more than just pretty photos. You need to educate the Buyer. You need to engage the Buyer. You need to create emotion and tell the story of the property. It takes bold ideas and execution to stand out in today’s market places. Here’s what we do at Deborah Camuso + Associates…

1: We professionally photograph the property including extensive drone shots.

2: We create floor plans and site plans to educate the buyer as to the home’s layout.

3: We create a 3D virtual tour of the property. This tour gives the buyer the ability to walk through the house, at their leisure, and be able to look at every detail, as if they were there in person. It’s a great way for viewers who are out of the area to be able to look at homes in a first person perspective. To view examples of my 3D Tours, please visit them via the links on the navigation bar.

4: We create value raising personal property documentaries. Such films tell the compelling story of the home and brings it to life. They draw the buyers in emotionally and help envision living there. In addition to showcasing the home, we also include extensive footage of the town, the school, the commuting arteries etc. To view examples of my Films, please visit them via the links on the navigation bar.

5: We create a property website for the home. This will have ALL the info a buyer could possibly want to see on the property in one location – photos, spec info, floor plans, virtual tour, the film etc. To view an example of a property website, please visit

6: We launch all of this on MLS, the real estate portals, social networks, and blog it and then create an extensive online campaign.

7: We also make each property part of the IDX Information Data exchange so every listing is available on ALL brokerage firms websites.

We make sure to spotlight each property to generate more than just interest, but excitement. And such high visibility advertisements attract high quality responses.This form of marketing transforms the way real estate is viewed and the results are more inquiries, genuine Buyer interest, and sold properties.