The company AND the person you choose to represent your property is crucial. It’s of paramount importance to make sure YOU are represented. That’s Deb’s priority – to have YOUR best interest in mind and give you the unparalleled level of service, confidentiality, loyalty and representation you deserve. This is critical when trying to get the most value for your property.

Deb guides her Sellers on how to attract the right buyer and attain the highest sales price by educating them on the timing of the market as well as on how to be proactive and creative with their property’s special attributes. She also offers the highest level of personal service and attention to her clients. This is key. Clients will testify that Deb goes the extra mile to close their deal. No effort is too great. She makes sure she earns her commission. She regularly communicates with each client. No radio silence after the agreement is signed. It’s imperative to update you on your property’s activity, to enlighten you to new competing inventory, to alert you to comparable sales and to keep you on point with the ever-changing market. She is present at every showing to make sure no buyer walks away with questions. She manages all of the owner’s selling responsibilities; the list goes on. In addition, her negotiation skills and her ability to foresee and address issues before they arise are proven skills. And, she’s a no B.S. kind of broker so you can always expect her to be extraordinarily forthright and honest. It’s a waste of everyone’s time and money to be otherwise.


Deb has learned that a broker needs to think much more outside of the box. It’s imperative to market properties, but they need to be showcased online and in a new, innovative way.

Deb creates value raising personal property videos and documentaries. Such films tell the story of the home and bring it to life. They draw the buyer in emotionally and help envision living/vacationing there.

Deb also creates a 3D virtual tour of the property. This tour gives the buyer the ability to walk through the house, at their leisure, and be able to look at every detail, as if they were there in person. It’s a great way for viewers who are out of the area, as many Cape Cod buyers are, to be able to look at homes in a first person perspective.

Deb also creates property floor plans. Buyers want to see if the set up and flow of the home will work for their needs and lifestyle before they even think about scheduling a showing.

Lastly, Deb also creates a property website for the home. This has ALL of the info a buyer could possibly want to see on the property in one location – photos, spec info, floor plans, 3D virtual tours and the film. This form of marketing transforms the way real estate is viewed and Deb has seen the results first hand.

It’s also important to note that Deb has established relationships with brokerage firms in New York (Manhattan and Westchester Counties), Connecticut (Fairfield County) and Boston and she regularly reaches out to them to promote her listings. As you know, many buyers purchasing vacation homes on Cape Cod are coming from those areas so it’s key to have a relationship with well established real estate forces there. The larger corporate firms have such relationships and Deb felt it imperative to have that same advantage while working in a more personalized, boutique setting.


Price is the most important factor when selling your home so it’s critical to know the details of your property’s true worth (not some ego driven worth). And no matter what kind of economic state we are in, there is a natural market demand for certain properties.

Call or e-mail Deb to talk about how you can capitalize on the current market. Give her the details of the property you are interested in selling and she’ll give you a complimentary market analysis. She’ll show you what properties similar to yours are selling for, and what competition you’re up against. And she’ll give you an honest, realistic value for today’s market that will help sell the property in a timely manner.

Whether you’re ready to sell now or just considering it, Deb would be delighted to talk with you. The information is yours for the asking!